Charity Donations Statement

LoveDub Weddings are always readily involved in raising money for charity and helping to raise awareness to many issues that are close to our heart with the aid of our wonderful VW's and reputable business name.

Over the years we have supplied our services for many charities such as 

The Meningitis Trust 
Pancreatic Cancer Research
Follow Your Dreams Terminally ill Childrens Charity
The Woodland Trust

In 2012 our services were auctioned on Ebay for Oxfam to the highest bidder with full profits going to their worthy cause.  In 2013 our services were offered in competition with Your South Wales Wedding January edition to a lucky winner who received our vehicles and photography services for free on their Wedding date in 2014

In 2014, we also donated the use of our VW Camper, Frankie, to a widower who's husband last wishes prior to his death from Cancer, were to travel in a vintage VW Camper around Wales and to own a motorbike.  His final wishes were accomplished by his Widower who hired a Motorbike hearse for he husbands final journey and our VW Camper for the departed's family to travel to the crematorium.  We donated the full monies raised for the use of the vehicle to Pancreatic Cancer UK to help continue their research into the 4th biggest cancer killer in the UK.

In 2016 we provided our London Taxi, Benny, for a last minute Wedding for a gentleman with Terminal Cancer with all profits going to Cancer Research. 

We have also recently raffled a 6V children ride on VW Beetle car raising over £300 for a local children charity in memory of my son's father who passed away in 2016 from terminal Lung Cancer.  

Year after year we help raise monies through our profits to supply monetary donations and raffle prizes to lots of national and local charities. Providing on-going support to local charities and events throughout the South Wales Region

We will continue to raise monies and awareness whenever we can for the unforeseeable future

If you are a charity looking for support please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help………..